Top 11 Software Development Companies in Singapore (2024)

Updated on Apr 14th, 2024
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Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

The island country Singapore has made remarkable economic growth in the last few decades. Its vibrant infrastructure has made the country a business hub in Southeast Asia, leading to an increased demand for cutting-edge software solutions. According to an Industry ARC report, the software development market in Singapore is projected to reach from EUR 25,169 million in 2021 to EUR 34,413 million by 2027, growing at 5.30% CAGR between 2022 and 2027.

This has resulted in significant growth in the number of software companies in Singapore. So, which software development company in Singapore should you select for your next software project? If you are not sure which one will be best suited to achieve your desired goal, don’t worry. We have prepared a list of Top 11 software development companies in Singapore in 2024 that will help you find the best technology partner.

Software Development Companies in Singapore

We have prepared a list of top software development companies in Singapore based on the impact they have made through robust, reliable, and user-friendly solutions that increased efficiency, enhanced customer engagement, and improved sales.

1. Mayura Consultancy Services (MCS)


Mayura Consultancy Services is the leading software development company in Singapore offering a wide range of software development services including SaaS Product development, and mobile application development integrating the latest trends in AI, ML, IoT etc.

With more than 300+ happy customers across 25 countries, MCS has established itself as a reliable partner for software development in Singapore and across the globe.

It develops robust, scalable, and secure software solutions for a wide range of industries including finance, healthcare, eCommerce, education, real estate etc.

Services: Mobile Application, Web Application, SaaS Development, Chatbot Development, Technology Consulting, MVP Development, UI/UX Design, Cloud Solution, E-commerce Solution, Blockchain Solution etc.

  • Technologies: Python, Node.JS, Android, IOS, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Swift, etc.

  • Location: USA, South Africa, India, Singapore

  • Year Founded: 2015

  • Top Clients: C-Mobile, GEMNATION ALLIANCE, Coinvest, CANKART, TeaPreneur, PREFFERED etc.

  • Company Size: 11-50

2. MING Labs


MING Labs started by designing and developing applications for iPhones in 2011 and gradually transformed itself into an inventive digital company providing websites, web apps, and other software solutions.

It partners with companies from diverse industries, including Information technology, Telecommunications, Automotive, Consumer products & services, Medical, and others helping them change their operational processes and workflows, utilizing the best design practices. They combine strategy, technology, and design and understand business's unique needs to develop sustainable solutions that transform the way businesses operate.

Services: UI/UX design, Mobile Application Development, Web App Development, Design strategy, Data Visualization, Marketing Consulting, Product Portfolio Management etc.

  • Location: Singapore, China, Germany, USA

  • Year Founded: 2011

  • Top Clients: Luke Roberts, Mapbox, XL Axiata, Mann+Hummel, Kapsool, Asian Development Bank etc.

  • Company Size: 51-200

3. Genic Solutions


Genic Solutions is another leading software development company in Singapore specializing in mobile application development services. The company's commitment to a client-centric approach makes it a reliable technology partner for businesses looking to build cutting-edge software solutions.

With a focus on empowering businesses with digital transformation, Genic Solutions simplifies complex business problems into user-friendly solutions, making it easier for their clients to focus on their core businesses.

Services: Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Inventory Management System, Warehouse Management, Delivery Management System, Document Management System etc.

  • Technologies: CSS, Angular, PHP, Android, Dot Net, Java, Cordova, Vue.Js, Javascript, HTML5, Firebase, React, IOS etc.

  • Location: Singapore

  • Year Founded: 2019

  • Top Clients: Changi Recommends, Cityneon, Masterscan Engineering, MEGACOOL PTE Ltd, GreenCare, sendQuick, HYPERCOM, MIRAGE AESTHETIC, ATLAS, interisland etc.

  • Company Size: 51-200

4. ATTA Systems


Atta Systems is another leading software product development company in Singapore with a mission to build meaningful software products that positively impact businesses. The company serves businesses with innovative software solutions and caters to diverse industries like EdTech, FinTech, MedTech, Government & Administration.

Atta Systems combines product design and software development to build high-impact solutions, helping businesses transform their idea into the right software product.

Services: Solutions Architecture, Design Architecture, User Research, User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) design, Web/Frontend Development, Backend Development, Mobile App Development (iOS/Android), Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence etc.

  • Technologies: Angular, React, Vue.Js, Java, Node.Js, Firebase, IOS, Android, React Native etc.

  • Location: Singapore, Bucharest, USA, UK

  • Year Founded: 2015

  • Top Clients: MEDICAI, Eupnoos, Bold Health, SkinVision, I-FIKR, ED-XP etc.

  • Company Size: 11-50

5. TechTIQ Solutions


TechTIQ Solutions is one of the top software development companies in Singapore, operating since 2017. With more than 300+ completed projects for more than 150+ clients, TechTIQ has established itself as a trustworthy partner for software development services in Singapore.

The company has expertise across multiple technology domains, including mobile application development, helping them unlock the full potential of digital transformation through scalable and efficient software solutions.

Services: Web Design & Development, Custom Software Development, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Software Development, Mobile App Development, IT Staffing etc.

  • Technologies: jQuery, Java, AngularJs, Wordpress, React, PHP, Android, IOS etc.

  • Location: Singapore

  • Year Founded: 2017

  • Top Clients: Standard Chartered, Abbott, Stone Forest, RSM, DMI, Topicus etc.

  • Company Size: 250-999

6. Rocketech


Rocketech is an innovative software development company based in Singapore. The company leverages its extensive industry expertise in industries like e-commerce, EdTech, SaaS, CRM, ERP, blockchain, IoT, and HR to build custom software tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses.

Besides software development, RocketTech offers staff augmentation services that allow businesses to add more staff to their existing team or hire an exclusive team for software projects.

Services: Software development, Mobile App development, UI/UX Design, IT staff augmentation etc.

  • Technologies: JavaScript, Angular, React.js, Python, Django, Java, Spring Boot PHP, Node.js, Koa 2, Nest.Js, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, React Native, Firebase, AWS, SES, DigitalOcean, Hetzner Cloud Provider etc.

  • Location: Singapore, Ukraine, UK, USA

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Top Clients: Filico, LIVETAG, IMBIBER,, HAYS, Everytale, BI GROUP, LEANCONSULT, RICH PEACH etc.

  • Company Size: 51-200



EBIZWORLD is a leading software development company founded in 2010. The company provides a wide range of software development services including IT consulting, Web development, Mobile application development, and game development. With 350 clients and 850 completed projects, EBIZWORLD has emerged as a leading company in the software development industry.

The company has a client-first approach and they leverage cutting-edge technologies to build efficient software solutions at an affordable price.

Services: Software development, IT consulting, Web development, Mobile application development, game development etc.

  • Technologies: Java, Laravel, Node.Js, Swift, Objective C, Unity, Mongo DB, Magento etc.

  • Location: Singapore, Vietnam, USA, South Korea, Australia.

  • Year Founded: 2010

  • Company Size: 51-200

8. Finwin Technologies


Finwin Technologies is a leading IT engineering and software development provider that specializes in customized software solutions. The company offers a wide range of services from website and app development to data science solutions. With a focus on enhancing customer experience and reliability, Finwin Technologies develops accurate, precise, and result-oriented solutions.

The software firm has successfully delivered more than 1500 projects and won several awards including Goodfirm Top Mobile App Development Company and Clutch Top App Developer 2020.

Services: Web development, Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, Backend Development, MVP Development, Solution Architecture, System Integration, DevOps Services, AI & Machine Learning, Data Science, Blockchain Development etc.

  • Technologies: React, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Java, Python, .NET Core, C#, Node.js, Microsoft.Net, Rails, Vue.js, Node.js, Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, Swift, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Mongo DB, MySQL, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Figma, Invision, TensorFlow etc.

  • Location: Singapore, Poland

  • Year Founded: 2015

  • Top Clients: iNsailing, EMPRIMA and others.

  • Company Size: 11-50

9. Forest Technologies


Forest Technologies is another leading software development agency in Singapore. The company's mission is to empower businesses of all sizes around the globe with innovative solutions.

It leverages data-driven insights and disruptive technologies to develop digital solutions that cater to modern business demands, helping them achieve their full potential and accelerate growth. Besides software development, Forest Technologies also offers technology consulting and a dedicated development team.

Services: Website development, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Internet of Things, DevOps & Cloud Solutions, Quality Assurance, Cybersecurity, AI & Machine Learning, UI/UX Design etc.

  • Technologies: PHP, Python, JavaScript, Spring, Go, Angular, React, JSP, Kotlin, Java, Swift, React Native, MySQL, AWS, Azure, etc.

  • Location: Singapore

  • Year Founded: 2018

  • Top Clients: Maple, Formula1, Oxford University, DENARE, SQL VIEW, Membifi, UK & International Trade, Farmz, Pain Relief etc.

  • Company Size: 51 - 200

10. Edlution


Edlution was established in 2013 and is one of the leading Software Development companies in Singapore. With an aim to provide solutions to solve the business problems of startups and SMEs, the company puts effort into understanding its clients' businesses and offers tailor-made solutions, helping them navigate technological challenges.

Edlution's client-centric approach and competitive pricing make it a suitable choice for businesses looking to develop efficient software solutions.

Services: Technical Consultation, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Server Side/Backend Development, IOT, Software System support etc.

  • Location: Singapore

  • Year Founded: 2013

  • Company Size: 10-49

11. Vinova


Vinova is a Singapore-based software development company established in 2010. The company leverages the power of cutting-edge technologies like AI, Blockchain, BI, and IoT, helping businesses with innovative and efficient solutions that solve complex business problems. With 14 years of experience and service to over 250 clients, Vinova has established itself as a distinguished name in the software industry.

Vinova caters to various industries including Education, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Manufacturing & Commerce, Healthcare, Real Estate, and others.

Services: Mobile Applications, Web Applications, UI/UX Design & Branding, Software Development, MVP Development, Cloud, ERP & CRM solutions, Cybersecurity and others.

  • Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, React, Angular, Vue.js, .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Golang, Spring, Scala, Flutter, Cordova etc.

  • Location: Singapore, Vietnam

  • Year Founded: 2010

  • Top Clients: Samsung, Cheil, Hitachi, OCBC Bank, Singlife, AmInsurance, Singtel, Starhub, KALIGO, Abbott, MARS etc.

  • Company Size: 51 - 200

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Software Development Company

Finding the right software development company in Singapore is a daunting task as there are hundreds of companies available. However, considering the following factors will make your job easier.

  • Define Your Project Requirements

    Defining your project plays a critical role in finding the right software development team for your business. Outlining the project's objective and requirements enables you to find a partner whose expertise aligns with your needs.

  • Expertise in Tech Stack

    When it comes to technology, you should consider working with companies that specialize in the specific tech stack. Evaluating the company's proficiency in relevant technologies and industry verticals will ensure you work with an organization that has command over the tech stack required for your project.

  • Experience and Portfolio

    Another important factor to check before hiring a software development company is the company's track record and portfolio. This will help you find if the company has already worked on similar projects, and you can rely on them for your development project.

  • Client Testimonials

    Checking what their previous clients say will help you analyze their previous work. You can check the company’s website, social media accounts, and credible third-party sources. This will give you valuable insights into their work ethics, communication styles, and overall project success.

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Singapore is home to more than 350 software development companies, and every company has different expertise and approaches towards clients. The above 11 companies are at the top of the list of software development companies in Singapore. Their proven track record and client-centric approach make them stand out in the crowd.

However, before choosing a software development company for your project, you need to consider factors like project requirements, technical expertise, experience, client testimonials, and others. Mayura Consultancy Services has been empowering businesses with innovative software solutions and helping them achieve their goals. Partner with MCS to propel your business to a new height.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What software development services do these companies in Singapore offer?

The top 11 software development companies in Singapore offer a wide range of services including, UI/UX design, website development, web app and mobile app development, customer software development, AI/ML solutions, IoT solutions, cloud computing, and more.

2. Which company is best for software development in Singapore?

Mayura Consultancy Services is the best company for software development in Singapore. The company uses the latest technologies to build innovative software solutions for various industries including e-commerce, finance, healthcare, education, real estate, and others, making them a reliable software development partner.

3. How do I select the right software development company in Singapore for my project?

Finding the right software development company in Singapore for your project requires you to consider various factors, including your project requirement, the potential partners' expertise in tech stack, experience, portfolio, client testimonials, and others.

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