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How Ecommerce Consulting Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Business?

Ecommerce consulting services mean providing expert advice and strategic planning to help business owners improve the technical aspects of their online store and build a strong digital presence. Here is how ecommerce consulting can help you.

Offers tailored

Ecommerce consultants will analyze your unique business needs and help you choose the right platform, and technology solutions like headless ecommerce, and progressive web apps (PWAs), and offer options on ecommerce website design and development, helping you achieve your business goals.

Improves the

Ecommerce consulting helps you to identify the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your business operations and offer solutions to improve them. They can suggest automation to improve efficiency in areas like order management, logistics management, customer service, and returns.

Unlock new

Ecommerce consultants can help you identify the areas where technology upgrades can unlock new opportunities. They can perform market research to identify customer preferences and emerging trends to help you adopt ecommerce technology solutions that align with evolving customer demands.

Reduce total
ownership cost (TOC)

Experts consultants can assess your IT infrastructure, recommend cost-effective solutions to help you reduce your IT-related expenses, and suggest efficient third-party systems like payment gateway, inventory management software, and supply chain automation systems.

Helps you
mitigate risks

Ecommerce consulting can help you analyze the risks in your business and provide expert advice on how to mitigate them. Ecommerce consulting companies can help you craft effective strategies, leverage the best technology solutions, and implement the best practices to minimize business risks.

Our Ecommerce Consulting Services

Market analysis and planning

We will analyze your competitors, assess the strengths and weaknesses of their websites and applications to discover opportunities for improvements and recommend solutions to help you stand out in the space. We will also identify omnichannel opportunities to drive sales.

Mobile ecommerce strategy

Our ecommerce consultants will assess your mobile commerce strategies and guide you on improving mobile commerce solutions. This includes ecommerce mobile app development, responsive web design, and ensuring a seamless shopping experience on mobile devices.

Ecommerce technology consulting

We help you choose the right technology tailored to your business goals. This includes assessing the current tech stacks and helping with the best tools and technology for designing, developing, and hosting your ecommerce platform.

Platform assessment

We will evaluate your existing ecommerce platform design and performance, and recommend the one that best suits your business requirements. Our platform assessment includes consulting for major ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.

Unlock growth opportunities and take your business to new heights. Book a free consultation - We will analyze your requirements and offer tailored solutions.

Transform Your Business with the Right Platform and Technology Selection

Mayura Consultancy Services helps you choose the right platform and technology that aligns with your target audience, business goals, and budget.

Ease of use:

Choosing a user-friendly SaaS platform or a custom solution that aligns with your business goals.


Helping you select a scalable platform that adapts to your business growth.


Selecting a platform with advanced security features to protect your critical data.


Discover an e-commerce platform that fits your budget without compromising the quality.

Cutting-edge solutions:

Transforming your online store with advanced, future-proof technology solutions.

User-centric design:

Engage your customers with interfaces designed for seamless navigation and product search.

Device compatibility:

Ensure an enjoyable and consistent shopping experience across all devices.

Third-party integrations:

Choosing third-party systems like payment gateway, CRM, analytics and reporting, etc.

Future-Ready Technologies and Trends We Use for Ecommerce Platform Development

Microservices-based ecommerce marketplace

Microservices architecture allows breaking down the ecommerce platform into smaller, independent parts, providing flexibility, improving reliability, and facilitating easier maintenance.

Headless marketplace development

Headless e-commerce platform development allows decoupling the front end from the backend, providing flexibility in choosing front-end technologies, which improves user satisfaction and overall performance.

Progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are applications built with web technologies like HTML, CSS & JavaScript. They offer cost-effective solutions for businesses due to cross-platform compatibility.

Social commerce

Integrating social media with your ecommerce platform allows you to reach millions of audiences, contributing to marketing efforts, improving product discovery, and boosting sales.

MCS Edge

Your Trusted Partner in Building Ecommerce Solutions

We help businesses optimize operational efficiency, drive growth, and empower them to thrive in the digital landscape through our technology solutions. We craft customized software to meet the unique needs of every organization.

With a portfolio of successful projects, we have transformed more than 300 businesses across the globe. We have partnered with diverse businesses, from startups to large enterprises, helping them achieve their goals with cutting-edge software solutions.

Mayura Consultancy Services (MCS) is a global technology company with offices in the US, India, South Africa, UK and Singapore.

4.5 Average Rating

Average rating

100+ global clients

Global clients

12+ Industries Served

Industries served

300+ Projects completed

Projects completed

25+ Countries served

Countries served

Case Studies

Case studies offer a deep dive into real-world situations, providing insightful analyses that bridge theory and practical application for a thorough understanding of specific scenarios.

Advantages of Choosing Us for Ecommerce Consulting

An Ecommerce consultant plays a critical role in analyzing and enhancing ecommerce website and app design and recommends the latest technologies to boost engagement and drive more sales. Here are the advantages of choosing MCS as a consulting partner.

Strategies to improve conversion

A successful ecommerce business needs to convert visitors into customers. Our ecommerce consultants specialize in developing strategies to fine-tune your ecommerce marketplace for increasing sales, making every click count.

Industry expertise

With a track record of delivering successful ecommerce projects, we include industry experts with a wealth of experience. They can help you with strategies for launching your ecommerce platform and improving your store’s performance.

Tailored solutions

We don’t believe in one solution for all. Our industry-leading ecommerce consulting services are aimed at providing you with a unique ecommerce strategy tailored to meet your business goals, ensuring success.

Data-driven planning

We are a data-driven company and believe in making decisions based on data. Our experts build strategies based on real data and analytics, ensuring every move is strategically correct and helping you achieve your business goals.

Blueprint to boost online visibility

Our ecommerce consultants master the techniques to improve online visibility for businesses. We recommend strategies to help you stand out of the crowd in the highly competitive ecommerce landscape.


Tech Stacks We Use to Build Robust Ecommerce Solutions

Our Engagement Model

Choose the Right Option for Your Marketplace Development

We offer four different engagement models, helping you find the right option to meet your unique goals and budget.

engagment process
Time & Material
  • Only pay for the time and resources invested in the project
  • Flexibility to scale up or down according to the requirements
  • Iterative cycles allow continuous refinement, meeting business needs
  • Ideal for projects with evolving requirements and short-term projects
engagment process
Technology Partner
  • We become an integral part of your team, offering technology solutions
  • We go beyond development and provide insights to align technology solutions with business goals
  • Building long-term partnerships with continuous support and improvement
  • Ideal for businesses seeking strategic guidance and long-term projects
engagment process
Dedicated Team
  • Get an exclusive team of ecommerce experts, focused on your project
  • We handpick the right talent based on your project requirements
  • You get complete control over the team and development process
  • Ideal for complex and long-term projects that require consistent focus
engagment process
Staff Augmentation
  • Allows you to fill skills in your existing team to meet project requirements
  • Scale up or down based on project demands, optimizing resource allocation
  • Quickly augment your existing team without going into the hassles of hiring
  • Ideal for filling skill gaps and adding additional resources

Cost of Building an Ecommerce Store

Various factors can impact the cost of building an ecommerce store. Here are key factors that determine the development cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our ecommerce consulting process begins with understanding your business goals, requirements, and challenges and assessing the scope of improvements in your current website or app. In the next step, we create a customized plan to build solutions that meet your business goals.

We focus on the technological aspects of your ecommerce business. This includes developing a website or application from scratch or providing any help to improve your existing platform's performance to achieve your business goals. However, we do not offer a consultation on creating a marketing strategy.

The consulting time depends on the scope of the project, its complexity, your business size, and the technology you choose. Usually, it ranges from a few weeks to a few months.

Here are some tips for making the most out of ecommerce consulting:

  • Clearly define your business goals

  • Hire a qualified consultant with experience in your industry

  • Be proactive and make a list of the relevant questions you need to ask

  • Implement the recommendations and adjust to achieve the desired results

Yes, we provide ecommerce consulting and development services for every business, irrespective of the size and industry.

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Ready to transform your ecommerce business with a tailored solution? Contact us to book a free consultation or share your details and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Contact Us

Ready to transform your ecommerce business with a tailored solution? Contact us to book a free consultation or share your details and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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