Top 11 Shopify Development Companies in USA (2024)

Updated on Jul 13th, 2024
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Top Shopify Development Companies in USA

Are you struggling with a slow, outdated online store that is turning customers away? Building your online store with Shopify can significantly improve engagement and boost sales. Shopify's excellent features, like fast loading speed, robust security, omnichannel capabilities, easy checkout, etc. make it one of the top choices among the leading e-commerce platforms in the USA.

According to Statista, the United States has the largest number of Shopify stores with more than one million till now. This shows the platform's popularity among online business owners in the USA.

However, to benefit from Shopify’s exciting features, and navigate its complexities, you need to hire an expert Shopify development agency, which can be challenging. So, in this blog, we reveal the list of top Shopify development companies in USA to help you find the best one for your project.

What Are the Top Shopify Development Companies in the USA?

With thousands of software development companies in the USA, how do you find the perfect one for your Shopify project?

It's a daunting task, but do not worry!

We have created a list of the top 11 Shopify development USA companies based on their track record, client testimonials, service offerings, and expertise in Shopify development.

1. Mayura Consultancy Services

Mayura Consultancy Services logo

Mayura Consultancy Services is a top-rated software development company with a presence across the globe including the USA. The company's proven track record of delivering exceptional services positions it as among the best Shopify development companies in the USA. Leveraging the best ecommerce tools and cutting-edge technologies, MCS delivers result-driven Shopify solutions that will turn your e-commerce dream into reality.

Founder and CEO: Manjunatha P
Year Founded: 2015
Company Size: 11-50 employees
Services: UI/UX design, Software Development, Web development, Mobile App Development, SaaS development, Ecommerce Solutions, BI & Analytics, etc.
Tech Stack: Figma, React, Angular, Python, Node.Js, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Swift, etc.
Industries: Fintech, Ecommerce, Retail, Education, Game, Logistics, etc.
Top Clients: Coinvest, Gemnation Alliance, Teapreneur, Preferred, Cancart, etc.

2. Instinctools

Instinctools logo

Instinctools is a software product development company that offers e-commerce marketplace development services to businesses in the USA and across the globe. With a proven track record of more than decades, Instinctools has the capabilities to deliver innovative Shopify development services USA for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. The e-commerce development firm has already delivered 650+ projects and won many awards for its excellent services.

Co-founder and CEO: Alexey Spas
Year Founded: 2000
Company Size: 201-500 employees
Location: USA, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan
Services: E-Commerce Platform Development, Custom Software Development, Enterprise Automation, Legacy Software Modernization, Web Development, etc.
Tech Stack: Java, .Net, Node.Js, Python, JavaScript, React, Swift, Kotlin, Shopify, SAP, AWS, etc.
Industries: Ecommerce, Healthcare, Fintech, Manufacturing, Logistics, Automotive, Entertainment, Media, etc.
Top Clients: CANet, Bonnet, Helvar, SpecTec, Lition, etc.
Revenue: $19.8 Million
Awards & Recognition:
  • Top-rated Software Development Company by Software World.
  • Recognized among Top Web Development Companies by Designrush.

3. Sunrise Integration

Sunrise Integration logo

Sunrise Integration is a team of software development experts offering a wide range of services including e-commerce website development. The 24-year-old company empowers businesses around the world, helping them achieve their goals. With multiple awards and recognitions under its belt, Sunrise Integration is one of the best Shopify development companies in USA you can rely on for your Shopify project.

CEO: Coby Plaff
Year Founded: 1999
Company Size: 11-50 employees
Location: Los Angeles, California
Services: Shopify App Development, Ecommerce Development, API Integrations, Web Design & Development, ERP, and CRM, Point of Sale (POS) Integration, etc.
Tech Stack: Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, Magento, WordPress, AWS, Azure, etc.
Top Clients: DHL, Live Nation, Pitney Bowes, Freshbook, QUAY, etc.
Revenue: $1.5 Million

4. Emerline

Emerline logo

Emerline is one of the top website development companies in the USA that created intuitive and sales-driven Shopify stores. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Emerline builds scalable, feature-packed, and responsive e-commerce stores that keep your brand ahead of its competitors. The company also offers seamless integration of inventory management systems, CRM and ERP systems, payment gateway, and other third-party software to enhance your store's functionality.

CEO: Artsem Yemtsau
Year Founded: 2011
Company Size: 500-1000 employees
Location: USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Lithuania
Services: Web Development, E-commerce Platform Development, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, UI/UX Design, IT consulting, etc
Tech Stack: React.js, Python, Java, Node.js, Ruby, .Net, Laravel, React Native, Iconic, Swift, Kotlin, etc.
Top Clients: SAP, FACC, BMW, DHL, Philips, Espresa, etc.
Revenue: $104.8 Million
Awards & Recognition:
  • Top Web Development Company in the USA 2022 by IT Firms.
  • Top Software Developers in 2024 by Tech Reviewer.

5. DigitlHaus Agency

DigitlHaus Agency logo

DigitlHaus Agency designs, develops and migrates e-commerce stores for D2C/B2C brands. The e-commerce development firm has extensive experience and expertise in crafting custom Shopify websites. Whether you are an established brand or entering the e-commerce arena for the first time, DigitlHaus Agency's full-circle e-commerce development services can help you elevate your brand value and achieve your business goals.

Founder and CEO: Brandon V
Year Founded: 2014
Company Size: 11-50 employees
Location: Miramar Beach, Florida
Services: Shopify Development, Design & Strategy, Headless eCommerce Development, B2B eCommerce Development.
Tech Stack: Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, WordPress, etc.
Top Clients: Wing Tactical, Revelry, BladeOps, DQE Ready, Luna Bazaar, Dark Angel Medical, etc
Revenue: <$5 Million
Awards & Recognition:
  • Innovation Design Award by CSS DESIGN AWARDS in 2022.
  • BigCommerce 'MAKE IT BIG' design award in 2022.

6. ITGeeks

ITGeeks logo

Among the top Shopify development companies USA, ITGeeks is a leading name with experience in designing and developing more than 2600 stores. The firm leverages the latest UI/UX design tools to build a seamless user journey that helps brands enhance customer experience. The company has over 91 thousand happy clients worldwide, making it a reliable name for building your e-commerce store.

Founder and CEO: Rahul Singh Parihar
Year Founded: 2015
Company Size: 200+ employees
Location: Middletown, USA
Services: Shopify Store Setup and Redesign, Shopify Customization, Shopify Customization, Search Engine Optimization, etc.
Revenue: <$5 Million

7. Arctic Grey

Arctic Grey logo

Arctic Grey is a dedicated Shopify development agency in USA that helps e-commerce companies customize their Shopify-based stores. The company focuses on improving user experience that helps brands to boost engagements and earn more revenue. As of now, Arctic Grey has already designed and developed more than 1000 Shopify stores and earned 28+ awards.

Year Founded: 2015
Company Size: 51-200 employees
Location: Mountain View, California
Services: UI/UX Design, Shopify App UI/UX Design, Branding & Identity Design, Custom Shopify App Development, ERP Integration, etc.
Top Clients: IPSY, Olaplex, Peanuts, Lids, Everlast, Barkbox, Harvard University, etc.
Revenue: $8.6 Million
Awards & Recognition:
  • Clutch Top Web Developers 2020.
  • Expertise Best Web Developers in New York 2022.

8. Shopivogue

Shopivogue logo

Shopivogue is a dedicated Shopify development services company in the USA with more than 8 years of experience. The company leverages the latest e-commerce tools to build next-generation e-commerce solutions. With core values of transparency, innovation, excellence, and responsibility for client success, ShopiVogue is committed to driving growth and success through innovative Shopify solutions.

Year Founded: 2016
Company Size: 11-50 employees
Location: New Castle, Delaware
Services: Shopify App Development, Shopify Web Development, Third-Party Integration, Maintenance and Support, etc.
Top Clients: ApricotLane, Orbel, Noble Venture, Hamercop, Soham Dave, Orbel, etc.

9. Evince Development

Evince Development logo

Established in 2012, Evince Development is a software development company that offers top-class Shopify development services. The company provides cutting-edge software development services to help businesses thrive in this competitive digital world. By now, Evince Development has delivered 1,200+ projects to more than 28 countries, making it one of the top Shopify development companies in USA and across the world.

Founder: Maulik Pandya
Year Founded: 2012
Company Size: 51-200 employees
Location: New York, USA
Services: Ecommerce Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, AI & IoT Solutions, UI/UX Design, IT Consultation
Tech Stack: Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Angular, React, JavaScript, Node.Js, .NET Core, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, etc.
Industries: Retail & eCommerce, Startups, Transportation & Logistics, Finance, Healthcare, etc.
Top Clients: Reverb, Koolfly, BB Dakota, Getaway, NterNow, Viibrant, Clymb, etc.
Revenue: $39 Million
Awards & Recognition:
  • Clutch Top 1000 Companies 2022.

10. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard logo

When it comes to Shopify development services, one of the top names that comes to mind is Lounge Lizard. Established more than two decades ago, the e-commerce development company excels in web design, digital marketing, branding, and development services. With a commitment to offer the best-in-class e-commerce development, Lounge Lizard adopts the latest web development trends and adapts to its clients' evolving requirements.

Founders: Sharon & Ken
Year Founded: 1998
Company Size: 11-50 employees
Location: New York
Services: Web Design & Development, Shopify Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, etc.
Top Clients: AnimalPak, DoALL Sawing Products, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Forest Remedies, Genled Brands, All About The Mom, etc.
Revenue: $7.2 Million

11. eSEOspace

eSEOspace logo

Based in San Diego, eSEOspace is a full-service Shopify development services company with a strong portfolio of e-commerce projects. The company's excellent services have helped more than 1,500 small businesses build their online store and achieve their business objective. Besides website design and development, eSEOspace also helps brands with search engine optimization (SEO) services to maximize their reach.

Founder and CEO: Irina Gedarevich
Year Founded: 2019
Company Size: 11-50 employees
Location: San Diego, CA
Services: Website Design, Shopify Development, Website Strategy & Management, SEO, etc.
Revenue: $5.2 Million
S.No Company Name Founded Year Company Size
1 Mayura Consultancy Services 2015 11-50 employees
2 Instinctools 2000 201-500 employees
3 Sunrise Integration 1999 11-50 employees
4 Emerline 2011 500-1000 employees
5 DigitlHaus Agency 2014 11-50 employees
6 ITGeeks 2015 11-50 employees
7 Arctic Grey 2015 51-200 employees
8 Shopivogue 2016 11-50 employees
9 Evince Development 2012 51-200 employees
10 Lounge Lizard 1998 11-50 employees
11 eSEOspace 2019 11-50 employees

Top 6 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Shopify Development Company in the USA?

Finding a Shopify development partner that aligns with your business needs is crucial to delivering a seamless shopping experience for your customers. You need to consider various factors Here are the top five factors to consider when hiring a Shopify development company in the USA.

Top 6 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Shopify Development Company in the USA

1. Evaluate Expertise in Shopify Development

When hiring a Shopify development company USA you should assess their expertise in the platform. Look for companies with a proven track record of successful Shopify projects and expertise with the latest Shopify features, integrations, and customizations.

2. Check Technical Proficiency

Technical proficiency is a non-negotiable when selecting a Shopify development company. The team should be well-versed in the latest web development tools and technologies that help them enhance the functionality of your store. This includes proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Liquid, and other relevant technologies.

3. Check Client Reviews and Testimonials

Client reviews and testimonials help you ascertain the service quality of a Shopify development company. Read about your potential Shopify development partners on platforms like Good Firms, Clutch, etc. to learn about their project management, adherence to deadlines, and overall customer satisfaction.

4. Assess Communication System

Communication plays a critical role in the successful completion of a software project. When assessing a Shopify development company USA, ensure they have an organized communication system plan in place. This will help you to keep your project on track and resolve any issues promptly.

5. Data Security

Did you know the number of data compromises grew from 1802 to 3205 in 2023 in the USA? This makes it essential for e-commerce businesses to focus more on cybersecurity. So, when hiring a Shopify development agency USA, ensure it prioritizes data security. Check if they know the latest cybersecurity trends and best practices and if they are capable of implementing them.

6. Check Post-Launch Support

Once you launch your Shopify store, you will need ongoing support to keep it in optimized condition. You should check if the development company offers comprehensive post-launch support services. This includes bug fixes, performance optimization, security updates, and new feature development as your business grows.

If you want to know more about post-deployment support, consider reading our blog, The Ultimate Software Maintenance Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Are You Looking for the Best Shopify Development Company to Build Your Online Store? 🎯

Partner with MCS to build a user-friendly and responsive Shopify store and accelerate your business growth.

Wrapping Up

The right Shopify team can help you build a powerful online store, and implement omnichannel capabilities to drive growth and achieve your business goal. However, selecting the most suitable Shopify development company in the USA is a daunting task. By carefully considering the factors we mentioned and checking the companies listed above, you can find a perfect technology partner for your Shopify project.

Mayura Consultancy Services stands out as a premier e-commerce platform development company with in-depth domain expertise. We leverage the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver high-quality, scalable, and result-oriented Shopify stores. Join hands with MCS to launch your Shopify store and kickstart your online business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the must-have features to include in my Shopify website?

To build a successful Shopify store you need to incorporate several must-have features. Here are the essential features you need to consider:

  • Faster loading speed and easy navigation

  • High-quality images and videos

  • Seamless product search

  • Social media integration

  • Shopping cart and wish list

  • Secure checkout and multiple payment options

2. How can I ensure my Shopify store stands out in a crowded market?

Standing out in a crowded e-commerce landscape requires a strategic approach to differentiate your store from competitors. You need to develop a strong, unique brand identity, write compelling product descriptions, invest in innovative marketing campaigns, provide exceptional customer service, and more importantly identify areas for improvement and optimize your strategy accordingly.

3. How much does it cost to build a Shopify website?

The cost of building a Shopify store depends on the project complexity, custom features and functionalities, third-party systems, plugins and extensions, etc.

4. Does MCS provide post-deployment support & maintenance?

Yes, MCS provides post-launch support and maintenance services. We offer timely updates, and optimizations and incorporate the latest security measures to ensure your store remains secure and operational 24/7.

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