Best 25 UI/UX Design Companies in USA [2024]

Updated on May 21st, 2024
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Best 25 UI/UX Design Companies in USA [2024]

Do you know some brands attract a lot of customers and are able to retain them for a long time? The answer is a positive user experience that influences customers to choose them over their competitors. Customer experience becomes more critical when it comes to online services.

Whether you are running e-commerce, Edutech, Fintech, or any other business, ensuring a positive user experience is critical for your business's success. According to a Baymard Institute report, 13% of customers say they at least 15 people about their bad experiences.

So, how do you ensure exceptional customer experience? Well, hiring an expert UI/UX design company with a proven track record can ensure your website and app deliver exceptional user experience. In this blog, we list the best UI/UX design companies to help you find the right partner to transform your website and applications experience.

What is UI/UX design?

User Interface (UI) design is designing the look and feel of a website or app's interface the users interact with. User Interface (UI) design involves adopting a user-centric approach while creating the aesthetics of digital products.

User experience (UX) design is planning the users' experience as they interact with digital products. The goal of UX design is to ensure that users have a seamless experience throughout their journey.

Which Are the Best UI/UX Design Companies in USA?

UI/UX design adds value to every business by creating user-friendly interfaces and seamless navigation that improves engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty. So, you need to choose a partner carefully. Here is a list of the best UI UX design companies in USA.

1. Mayura Consultancy Services (MCS)


Mayura Consultancy Services is a global technology firm that offers end-to-end software development including UI UX design services in USA. The company's focus on quality and customer-centric approach positions it among the best UI UX design companies in USA. Founded to help businesses accelerate growth with digital solutions, MCS has delivered over 300 projects in just 7 years!

  • Founder and CEO: Manjunatha P

  • Year Founded: 2015

  • Services: UI/UX design, Software Development, Web development, Mobile App Development, SaaS development, Ecommerce Solutions, BI & Analytics, etc.

  • Tech Stack: Figma, React, Angular, Python, Node.Js, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Swift, etc.

  • Industries: Fintech, Ecommerce, Retail, Education, Game, Logistics, etc.

  • Top Clients: Coinvest, Gemnation Alliance, Teapreneur, Preferred, Cancart, etc.

2. Eight25

Eight25 logo

Eight25 is a US-based UI/UX design company that builds result-oriented business websites. The company's mission is to enable fast-growing US companies to build exceptional digital assets and maximize their potential. With a proven track record of helping companies achieve 40% revenue growth through their website, Eight25 is recognized among the top UI UX design companies in USA.

  • CEO: Rehan Fernando

  • Year Founded: 2011

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Location: San Jose (USA)

  • Services: UI Design, CX, UX & Interaction Design, Frontend Web Development, Mobile App Development Backend Development & API Integration, Brand Strategy

  • Tech Stack: Figma, Adobe HTML, CSS, React, Next.JS Angular, PHP, MySQL, AWS, etc.

  • Top Clients: Samsung, Qualcomm, Swimlane, Safebreach, WeWork, Privacera, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $22.4 Million

3. Atom6studio

Atom6studio Logo

Atom6studio is one of the top UI/UX Design Companies in the USA known for transforming complex business problems into simple solutions. Whether developing a website or mobile app, Atom6studio's expertise in UI/UX Design ensures your digital touchpoints meet users' expectations and deliver a seamless experience. The design agency has worked with top Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, and others.

  • CEO and Co-founder: Gui Ferreira

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: USA, Brazil

  • Services: UX/UI Design, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Websites, Product Design, WordPress Development, etc.

  • Top Clients: Google, Microsoft, IBM, Ikea, Drata, Carta, Indeed, Mercedes, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: Not available

4. SF Appworks

SF Appworks Logo

SF Appworks is a US-based UI/UX design company that started its journey as a music creation startup but that did not go well. The founders Darius and Andrew then shifted their focus to software design and development and they were successful in their endeavors. Since then SF Appworks has moved a long way to get recognition from Techreviewer, Clutch, Design, and other institutions for excellent work in Software design and development.

  • Founders: Darius and Andrew

  • CEO: Andrew Greenstein

  • Year Founded: 2012

  • Company Size: 11 - 50 employees

  • Location: San Francisco

  • Services: Web Development, App Development, UI/UX Design, IT Staff Augmentation, No-code Development, etc.

  • Top Clients: Holiday, Vanguard, Boyd Gaming, Tenor, SportMe, Sleeio, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $6 Million

5. Momentum Design Lab

Momentum Design Lab Logo

Momentum Design Lab is a global UI/UX design company that caters to companies from a wide range of industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, and others. It leverages emerging technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, blockchain, AR/VR, etc. to design websites and apps that deliver transformative outcomes. The company has delivered 750+ projects successfully, which makes it a preferred choice among the top UI/IX design companies in the USA and worldwide.

  • CEO: David Thomson

  • Year Founded: 2002

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Silicon Valley, New York City, London

  • Services: UI/UX Design, Innovation Strategy, Product Engineering, etc.

  • Industries: Healthcare, Financial Services, Ad Marketing, Software Startups, Consumer Products, etc.

  • Top Clients: Accenture, BCG Group, Bayer, Bitstamp, Deloitte, Finserv, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $10.9 Million

6. Clay

Clay Logo

Clay is a full-service UI UX design services company USA that helps businesses design and develop digital experiences. The company specializes in building websites that give their users the best experience and meet their business goals. With a track record of completing over 500 projects, Clay is already an established player in UI/UX design services.

  • CEO: Anton Zykin

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: San Francisco (USA)

  • Services: User Research & Testing, UI Design, CX, UX & Interaction Design, Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Web Design, Frontend & Backend Development, etc.

  • Industries: Fintech, Crypto & Web3, Technology, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Telecom, etc.

  • Top Clients: Meta, Google, Slack, Snapchat, Discover, Coinbase, Cisco, Amazon, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $5 Million

7. Create Ape

Create Ape Logo

Create Ape is a creative digital agency based in California. The company masters in creating UX/UI designs that can turn your idea into innovative digital solutions. With more than 20 years of experience in UX/UI design, the company knows how to create powerful, intuitive experiences for your users, helping you generate more sales and revenue.

  • Founder and CEO: Alessandro Fard

  • Year Founded: 2014

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Irvine, CA

  • Services: UX/UI Design, Website Development, Branding, Marketing, etc.

  • Top Clients: Fountain Life, Apria, Cabi, Kognito, Andros, Abbott, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $4.2 Million

  • Achievements: Wimgo Top Ranked App UI Design, Expertise Best Web Developers in Irvine 2020

8. Zazz

Zazz Logo

Zazz is America's leading software development company that offers full-stack web development services including UI UX design services USA. The company creates UI/UX designs that are not only attractive but also highly responsive. Trusted by top international brands like Walmart, KPMG, and many others, Zazz ranks high among the top UI/UX design agencies in the country.

  • Co-Founder and CEO: Saleh Bahrololoum

  • Year Founded: 2009

  • Company Size: 201-500 employees

  • Location: Toronto, San Francisco, London, Boston, New York, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, etc.

  • Services: UI/UX Design, Web Development, App Development, Front End Development, Custom Software Development, etc.

  • Industries: Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Logistics Gaming, Real Estate, E-Commerce, etc.

  • Top Clients: Amazon, Walmart, Toyota, Metlife, Citibank, Festo, Mobil, CBRE, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

  • Achievements: Clutch Top 100 Companies 2022, Certified by Great Place to Work

9. Neuron

Neuron Logo

Neuron is a UX/UI design agency that solves the pressing problems of user experiences for businesses. The company projects itself as a trusted partner that cares about the client's problem as much as they do. From clickable prototypes to animated videos, Neuron provides a complete UX solution to help the development team build the perfect product you have envisioned.

  • Founders: Ryan Matthew, Chris Marciano, Mark Munroe & Matt Stoner

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: San Francisco

  • Services: UI/UX Design, Prototypes, Design Systems, Product Strategy, etc.

  • Industries: Healthcare, Sales, Financial Services, Logistics, etc.

  • Top Clients: Intuit, Paloalto, Vivint, Sony, LinkedIn, Paycom, Hootsuite, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

  • Achievements: Goodfirm Top App Designing Company, UX Design Winner 2023

10. Semiflat

Semiflat Logo

Semiflat is a top UI UX design agency in USA that mostly caters to SaaS companies. It helps them acquire and retain more customers with exceptional designs that deliver a seamless user experience. In its mission to solve complex problems with design, Semiflat is helping businesses maximize their ROI through their services.

  • Founder and CEO: Nic Jablonski

  • Year Founded: 2020

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Crakow (Poland)

  • Services: Product design, Web design, User Research, UI/UX Design Visual Design, etc.

  • Top Clients: Phenom, Default, Gyaan, Pocus, Onward, Useful, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: Not available

11. Flower Press

Flower Press Logo

Flower Press Interactive builds digital products to solve business problems. The company believes that complex systems can be designed to be user-friendly and functional, making it easier to interact with those systems. With over 25 years of experience in UI/UX design and rated highly by top agencies, Flower Press has earned its place among the best UI UX design companies in USA.

  • Founders: Khaiersta Flowers English & Michale English

  • Year Founded: 2001

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Seattle

  • Services: Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Platform UX, etc.

  • Top Clients: Insurance Lounge, Adobe, Stanford Business, Survey Monkey, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

12. Pixelmatters

Pixelmatters Logo

Pixelmatters is among the top UI/UX Design companies in the USA with more than a decade of experience. The company aims to empower businesses to achieve their full potential with top-quality digital products that deliver excellent user experience.

  • Founder and CEO: Andre Oliveira

  • Year Founded: 2014

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Location: Porto, Portugal

  • Services: UI/UX Design, UI Research & Audit, Web Development, Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, etc.

  • Top Clients: Amigo, Glean, Efinancial careers, Protocol Labs, Quantic, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $5 Million

  • Achievements: Awarded Top UI/UX Design Company by TechBehemoth

13. Dreamten

Dreamten Logo

Dreamten is a result-oriented design studio that helps aspiring companies build top-class websites, and apps to elevate their brand to the next level. Their extensive experience in solving complex problems through simple design solutions has helped them win the trust of top Fortune 500 companies and fast-scaling startups.

  • Founder: Philip Lester

  • Year Founded: 2014

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Raleigh (North Carolina)

  • Services: User Studies & Research, UX Audits, UX/UI Design, Website Design, Branding & Logos, CMS Websites etc.

  • Top Clients: Fathom, Enact, AARP, Apple, Microsoft, Intuit, Redbull, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $5.8 Million

14. The Smyth Group

The Smyth Group Logo

The Smyth Group is a software development company with more than 18 years of experience in the industry. It offers end-to-end custom software development from UI/UX design to development and testing. The company has delivered more than 400 projects successfully and emerged as one of the top development partners for businesses in the USA and around the world.

  • Founder and CEO: Jamie

  • Year Founded: 2003

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: San Diego, CA

  • Services: UX/UI Design, Enterprise Software Development, Mobile App Development, SaaS Development, Integrated AI etc.

  • Top Clients: VoxWagon, Virginia University, BD BioScience, MedStar Health, Xcite, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

15. AdamFard UX Studio

AdamFard UX Studio Logo

AdamFard UX Studio is an agile UX design agency that helps businesses achieve their vision through top-quality UX design. As one of the best UI UX design companies in USA, AdamFard invests time in understanding their client's business requirements and target audience to build designs that enhance user satisfaction and ensure a seamless interaction.

  • CEO: Adam Fard

  • Year Founded: 2015

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Berlin

  • Services: UI/UX Design, UX Strategy iOS & Android App Design, Web Design, etc.

  • Industries: Fintech, AI, SaaS, EdTech, etc.

  • Top Clients: Samsung, T Mobile, Hubspot, Redbull, Kinteract, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

  • Achievements: Top APP Design Company by Goodfirm, Top UX Agency & B2B Company in New York by Clutch.

16. DePalma Studios

DePalma Studios Logo

DePalma Studios is another top UX/UI design and custom software development company that designs and develops digital products to help businesses accelerate growth. The company has a user-first approach that ensures every product they build is sleek and user-friendly.

  • CEO: Floyd DePalma

  • Year Founded: 2012

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Nashville (TN)

  • Services: UX/UI Design, Software Development, Web & Front-end Applications, Mobile App Development, APIs & System Integration, etc.

  • Top Clients: Deloitte, Argellus, Kallaco, CoreCivic, Remetrex, Ingram, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

17. Slide UX

Slide UX Logo

Slide UX is another top design company that helps businesses deliver better user experiences through deep user research and excellent quality UI/UX design. With a track record of delivering more than 200 projects over a decade, Slide UX has been named among the top UI/UX companies in the USA and across the globe.

  • Founders: Erin Young and Brant Young

  • Year Founded: 2012

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Austin, TX

  • Services: UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, User Research, Branding, Product Design, etc.

  • Top Clients: ABR, Indeed, Sysco, AT&T, Atlassian, Wayne, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

18. WANDR Studio

WANDR Studio Logo

WANDR is a UI/UX design firm that specializes in B2B SaaS and websites. The design agency helps businesses drive innovation and growth through human-centric design. WANDR's collaborative approach prioritizes clients' key performance indicators (KPIs), minimizes revisions, and ensures faster time-to-market.

  • Founder: Jinny Oh

  • CEO: Luis

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Los Angeles

  • Services: UX/UI Services, Strategy and Research Services, Service & Design Innovation, Staff Augmentation Services, etc.

  • Top Clients: IBM, US Air Force, WWF, Synchrony, Samsung, General Electric, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

  • Achievements: CLUTCH - Top Creative & Design Agencies in L.A. 2019, DIGITAL.COM Best UX Design Agencies 2021



EMERGE is another top-rated UX design company and digital product consultancy provider that creates value for clients through its services. The design agency specializes in crafting engaging digital products and services for businesses across industries, helping them accelerate growth.

  • Co-Founder and CEO: Jonathon Hensley

  • Year Founded: 1998

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Portland (USA)

  • Services: UX/UI Design, Product Strategy, and Full-Stack Development, Digital Strategy, Web, & Mobile Development, etc.

  • Top Clients: AT&T, Wells Fargo, Unilever, Target, Cambia, Stanford University, Cambia, Wacom, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

  • Achievements: Rated #1 UX design agency on Clutch

20. Intechnic

Intechnic Logo

Intechnic is a leading UX agency that solves businesses' most complex user experience challenges. By aligning your business objectives and users’ requirements, the company designs products that can boost engagement and increase conversions by more than 30%. Intechnic's vast experience of over 20 years and track record of delivering 1150+ projects position it among the best UI UX design companies in USA.

  • Founder and CEO: Andrew Kucheriavy

  • Year Founded: 1999

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: Chicago

  • Services: UX Research, UX Strategy, UX Design, Web Design, etc.

  • Top Clients: Fidelity Investments, MBRICO, American Diabetes Association, Government, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $11.9 Million

  • Achievements: Top User Experience Agencies by Clutch 2018

21. Top Notch Dezigns

Top Notch Dezigns Logo

Top Notch Dezigns is an award-winning web design and digital marketing firm in the United States with more than 18 years of experience. The firm's customer-centric approach ensures they design websites and apps that enhance user experience, helping brands build a strong online presence and increase sales.

  • CEO: Latoya Bryan

  • Year Founded: 2004

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Location: New York, Long Island, Los Angeles & London

  • Services: Branding, UI/UX Design, Web Design & Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, etc.

  • Top Clients: Huffpost, Entrepreneur, Inc500, Forbes,, The Next Web, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $10.1 Million

  • Achievements: Top Web Designers by Clutch 2023, The Best Website Design Agency by Design Rush, 2023

22. Kanda Software

Kanda Software Logo

Kanda is a custom software development company offering end-to-end software development including UI/UX design. The company provides cost-effective full-stack development services, from user experience design to testing and maintenance. As one of the top UI/UX design companies, Kanda has successfully delivered more than 2000 solutions over two decades.

  • CEO: Alex Karpovsky

  • Year Founded: 2004

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Location: New York

  • Services: UI/UX Design, Front End Development, UX and UI Design, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Application Maintenance, etc.

  • Top Clients: Accenture, Janssen, Hopper, Luminoso, DellEMC, Imprivata, Lifepod, Verizon Media, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $158.4 Million

23. Design In DC

Design In DC Logo

Among the best UI/UX design companies in USA, Design In DC's 360° approach in web and app development makes it a preferred choice. The software firm empowers its clients by transforming its vision into a captivating digital experience that propels business growth. The company's commitment to excellence has helped it win a series of awards and recognitions.

  • CEO: Ziad Foty

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Company Size: 11-15 employees

  • Location: Washington DC, USA

  • Services: Web Design, Web Development, UI / UX Design, E-commerce Web Development, App Development, Design & Branding, etc.

  • Top Clients: Prism Inc, IT Concept, Modality Solutions, HummingYard, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: <$5 Million

24. UXReactor

UXReactor Logo

UXReactor is another software product designing firm that helps businesses improve user experience through top-quality UX design. Specialized in designing user experiences for enterprise software, the company has completed multiple projects for some of the iconic companies in the world, helping them transform their business operations.

  • Managing Partner & CEO: Satyam Kantamneni

  • Year Founded: 2014

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Location: California, USA

  • Services: Product Experience Strategy & Design, Venture Strategy & Design, User Experience, Interaction Design, User Research, A/B Testing etc.

  • Top Clients: Cloud Vector, Blume Global, Tekion, CDW, Nokia, VMWare, ServiceNow, etc

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $11.8 Million

  • Achievements: Fast Company's Innovation by Design for User Experience

25. Designli

Designli Logo

Designli is another leading software development company in the USA that offers UI UX design services based on deep user research, and best practices. The company's Agile approach allows continuous improvement, ensuring your product matches perfectly with the business requirements and meets users' expectations.

  • CEO: Keith Sheilds

  • Year Founded: 2013

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Location: USA

  • Services: UX/UI Design, Mobile App Development, Custom Web App & Software Development, Cross-Platform Development

  • Tech Stack: React, Node.JS, AWS, Infor, etc.

  • Top Clients: Hearst, Useme, VentureSouth, Rotary, Southeast Industrial Equipment, etc.

  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $10.7 Million

S.No Company Name Year Founded Company Size
1 Mayura Consultancy Services 2015 11-50 employees
2 eight25 2011 51-200 employees
3 Atom6studio 2016 11-50 employees
4 SF Appworks 2012 11 - 50 employees
5 Momentum Design Lab 2002 11-50 employees
6 Clay 2016 11-50 employees
7 Create Ape 2014 11-50 employees
8 Zazz 2009 201-500 employees
9 Neuron 2016 11-50 employees
10 Semiflat 2020 11-50 employees
11 Flower Press 2001 11-50 employees
12 Pixelmatters 2014 51-200 employees
13 Dreamten 2014 11-50 employees
14 The Smyth Group 2003 11-50 employees
15 AdamFard UX Studio 2015 11-50 employees
16 DePalma Studios 2012 11-50 employees
17 Slide UX 2012 11-50 employees
18 WANDR Studio 2016 11-50 employees
19 EMERGE 1998 11-50 employees
20 Intechnic 1999 11-50 employees
21 Top Notch Dezigns 2004 51-200 employees
22 Kanda Software 2004 51-200 employees
23 Design In DC 2016 11-15 employees
24 UXReactor 2014 51-200 employees
25 Designli 2013 11-50 employees

How to Select the Best UI/UX Design Companies in the USA?

UI/UX is in high demand in the USA as businesses have realized the importance of excellent user experience. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal company for your business.

1. Define your Needs

This is the first and foremost thing you should do when looking for the best UI UX design companies in the USA. The more clarity you have about the target audience, project goals, and desired outcomes, the easier it will be to find a partner aligned with your vision and needs.

2. Check Portfolio

Once you define your requirements, you should check the firms' portfolios to know if they have experience in similar projects. Check their design capabilities, creativity, and abilities to deliver visually appealing and functional UX designs to shortlist potential partners aligned with your requirements.

3. Evaluate their Expertise

After checking the portfolio, assess the company's proficiency in current design trends like AR/VR, animated visuals, and expertise in the latest design tools and technologies. Ensure they have all the necessary skills to deliver a user-centric design that aligns with your project goal.

4. Review Client Testimonials

Check previous clients' reviews and testimonials to gain valuable insights into the company's work quality, professionalism, abilities to deliver projects on time, and overall client satisfaction. This will help you to evaluate if the company is the right fit for your project.

5. Assess Communication and Collaboration Methods

Seamless communication is the key to success for a software design and development project. Look for a UI/UX designing company that prioritizes transparent communication and collaboration, and can respond to your queries and feedback quickly.

Are You Looking for the Best UI/UX Design Companies in the USA?

Partner with MCS to build an excellent website or mobile app, ensuring an engaging user experience that enhances user satisfaction, boost conversion rate and drive business growth.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best UI UX design company is critical for any business to create a website or mobile app with engaging and impactful user experience. With our list of top UI UX design companies in USA, you can choose a UI/UX design company that aligns with your requirements.

However, among these companies, Mayura Consultancy Services stands out as a reliable partner with experienced UI/UX designers who have a proven track record of delivering innovative, user-centric designs for some of the top companies. Partner with MCS to embark on a transformative journey and enhance user satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is UI/UX design crucial for my business?

A well-designed UI/UX ensures the user interface is aesthetically pleasing, helping users to navigate your product or service effortlessly. It creates a positive impact on the users, enhancing your brand image and customer satisfaction.

2. How can I ensure the UI/UX design aligns with my brand identity?

To ensure the UI/UX design aligns with your brand identity, you should clearly define your business goal, target audience, brand voice and share them with your UI/UX design partner. If this sounds overwhelming, don't worry. MCS is there to help. We offer free consultation, helping you define your strategies and implement them.

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