PHP Full Stack Trainer

MCS is looking for an Experienced PHP Full Stack Trainer who can train freshers, deliver hands-on training, prepare curriculum, modules, schedules for training programs. The incumbent must be able to help individuals acquire skills in PHP programming, MVC Framework, RESTful APIs, database integration, and front-end development.


  1. Design and deliver comprehensive training programs on PHP full-stack development.

  2. Develop engaging training materials and coding exercises.

  3. Conduct interactive training sessions in-person and virtually.

  4. Assess trainees' progress and provide constructive feedback.

  5. Collaborate with subject matter experts to align training content with industry standards.

  6. Customise training programs based on specific requirements.

  7. Provide mentorship and guidance on PHP full-stack development and front-end frameworks.

  8. Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.

  9. Assist in developing learning resources to support ongoing learning.

  10. Keep personal IT skills and knowledge up to date.

Qualifications and Skills:

  1. Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or related field

  2. Min 2 years of work experience as IT Trainer,

  3. Strong knowledge of technical skills including

    • Front End Technologies - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Ajax

    • Backend Programming - PHP, SQL

    • MVC Frameworks - CodeIgnitor, Laravel

  4. Proven experience as a full stack developer in live projects

  5. Knowledge of in-house as well as remote training techniques and tools

  6. Experience in designing technical course content, especially, full stack technologies

  7. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

  8. Ability to address training needs with complete courses.

Candidate Attributes:

  1. Discipline is important along with knowledge and skill set

  2. Excellent work ethics and a hands-on mentality

  3. Ability to take full ownership of the assigned tasks and strive hard to complete the same within the set deadlines

  4. Written and verbal communication skills

  5. Attention to detail

  6. Big-picture thinking and vision

  7. Take pride in challenging self and working continuously towards improvement

  8. Willingness to learn our product features