Top 11 Software Product Development Companies in USA [2024]

Updated on Jul 13th, 2024
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Top Software Product Development Companies in USA

Digitalization has opened new avenues for businesses, but at the same time, many companies have gone bankrupt. Do you know why? The reason is they could not cope with the dynamic business environment. Simply put, they were using old technologies and business models without realizing the potential of digital technologies.

However, the businesses that adopted cutting-edge technologies went from scratch to become billion-dollar companies. Take the example of Amazon. The company was nowhere before 1994, but the innovative idea and latest technologies created the magic. But imagine if Amazon was using outdated tools and systems!

The idea could not materialize, isn’t it?

So, if you have an idea for a software product, you need the best technologies and development team to ensure success. In this blog, we have listed the top 11 software product development companies in USA that can bring your dream software product into reality.

Top 11 Software Product Development Companies in USA

Did you know that about 19% of software projects fail miserably, and about 50% of the budget is spent on error rectification? This shows the need to choose a software product development company wisely. Here is a list of software product development companies in USA to choose from.

1. Mayura Consultancy Services (MCS)

Mayura Consultancy Services Company logo

Mayura Consultancy Services is one of the best software product development companies in USA, with an excellent track record of delivering top-quality digital products. The company not only builds software for clients but also acts as a technology and strategic partner to help businesses achieve their goals. MCS has already served 300+ clients from more than 25 countries.

  • Founder and CEO: Manjunatha P

  • Year Founded: 2015

  • Location: USA, India, Singapore, South Africa

  • Company Size: 11-50 employees

  • Services: Software Development, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, SaaS development, BI & Analytics, etc.

  • Tech Stacks: JavaScript, Angular, Python, React Native, Flutter, Figma, etc.

  • Industries: Ecommerce, Retail, Fintech, Game, Logistics, etc.

  • Top Clients: Teapreneur, Gemnation Alliance, Coinvest, Cancart, Cankart, etc.

2. Waverly Software

Waverly Software Company logo

Founded in 1992, Waverley Software is in the top 11 on the list of software product development companies in USA. The company focuses on mobile application development and integrates emerging mobile app development trends to develop industry-leading mobile apps. Waverly Software's expertise in developing cutting-edge mobile apps has earned it recognition from Silicon Valley technology giants.

  • Founder and CEO: Matt Brown

  • Year Founded: 1992

  • Team Size: 201-500 employees

  • Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

  • Services: Software Product Development, Dedicated Development Team, Digital Transformation Consulting, Software Maintenance & Support, etc.

  • Tech Stack: Java, JavaScript, React.js, Angular, Python, Scala, .NET, Node.js, Machine Learning, BI, Computer Vision, etc.

  • Industries:Healthcare, FinTech, Retail, Telecom, Smart Home, Energy, Automotive, etc.

  • Top Clients: Viking Cold, Gestra, Skymind, Center, Codice, Invivo, etc.

  • Revenue:$50 Million

  • Website:

3. SingleMind

 SingleMind Company logo

SingleMind is one of the top software product development companies in USA with almost two decades of experience. Leveraging the latest AI trends and top-notch UX design, the firm creates exceptional digital solutions that transform your visions into reality. With 150+ projects developed that have a user base of 1.25 million, SingleMind has a proven track record of delivering successful software products.

  • CEO: Cort Buchholz

  • Year Founded: 2005

  • Team Size: 11-50 employees

  • Headquarters: Lake Oswego, Oregon

  • Services: Product Strategy, UX/UI Design, UX Research, Software Engineering, Support & Maintenance, etc.

  • Tech Stacks: Java, .NET, Node.js, AI/ML Flutter, React Native, etc.

  • Top Clients: Evosus, HP, Kaiser Permanente, Market of Choice, BeyondHQ, Pigeon, LifeScore, etc.

  • Revenue: <$5 Million

  • Website:

4. RocketBuild

 RocketBuild Company logo

Ranked among the top web development companies in the USA, RocketBuild is another leading name in the list of software product development companies in USA. With a solution-oriented approach, the company goes beyond software development and does extensive market research to bring your digital project to life and ensure it delivers maximum value to your business.

  • Founder and CEO: Chris

  • Year Founded: 2014

  • Team Size: 11-50 employees

  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, USA

  • Services: Website Development, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Technology Consulting, etc.

  • Tech Stacks: HTML, CSS, Angular, React, Vue.JS, Python, PHP, Ruby, Django, Laravel, Rails, Node.js, Java, React Native, etc.

  • Top Clients: Purdue, USA Football, MemberClicks, Pathfinders, Franklin College, Kiwanis, etc.

  • Revenue: $1 Million

  • Website:

5. Intersog

Intersog Company logo

Intersog has emerged as one of the top software product development companies in USA for helping businesses solve their problems. With a mission to bring innovation, the software firm uses industry-leading programming languages and frameworks to build sustainable web apps and mobile apps that deliver the best results. In 18 years, Intersog has delivered over 1300 projects, which ranks it in the list of software product development companies in USA.

  • CEO: Igor Fedulov

  • Year Founded: 2005

  • Team Size: 51-200 employees

  • Headquarters: Chicago, IL

  • Services: Custom Software, AI Solution, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Hire Dedicated Team, etc.

  • Tech Stacks: JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Java, PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Node.js, React Native Objective-C, etc.

  • Industries: Finance & Banking, Healthcare, Retail & Ecommerce, Transport, Technology, etc.

  • Top Clients: Bosch, Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota, CDW, Innlandet Health Trust, etc.

  • Revenue: $52.5 Million

  • Award & Recognition:

    • Clutch Top Software Developers 2020.

    • GoodFirm Best Company to Work with.

  • Website:

6. Rikkeisoft

Rikkeisoft Company logo

Rikkeisoft is a leading technology service provider helping businesses develop top-quality software products that deliver excellent value and contribute to business growth. This Vietnam-based utilizes emerging software development trends and brings out-of-the-box solutions to help its clients achieve the highest efficiency that drives growth.

  • Founder and CEO: Dang Thai Hoa

  • Year Founded: 2012

  • Team Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

  • Headquarter: Vietnam

  • Services: Enterprise Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Quality Assurance & Testing, AI, Data Science, etc.

  • Tech Stacks: Java, Python, PHP, C++, C#, React Native, Vue, MySQL, SQL Server, AWS, etc.

  • Industries: Retail & eCommerce, Healthcare, Finance (BFSI), Logistics, Automotive, etc.

  • Top Clients: Systena, Sunloft, USM Holdings, Studione63, Cloud, etc.

  • Revenue: $336.1 Million

  • Award & Recognition:

    • Clutch Top IT Services Company Vietnam 2023.

    • Globee Award Silver Winner Information Technology 2023.

  • Website:

7. EffectiveSoft

EffectiveSoft Company logo

Among the leading software product development companies in USA, EffectiveSoft comes in the top 11 for creating unparalleled value for their customers through excellent software products. The firm incorporates the top UI/UX design tools into its software product development process to ensure a seamless user experience.

  • Founder and CEO: Alexander Kachaev

  • Year Founded: 2000

  • Team Size: 201-500 employees

  • Headquarters: San Diego, California

  • Services: Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Data Science, UI/UX Design, DevOps, etc.

  • Tech Stacks: Angular, .Net, PHP, Java, Node.js, Flutter, Swift, MongoDB, etc.

  • Industries: Retail, Healthcare, Fintech, Manufacturing, Trading, Logistics, etc.

  • Top Clients: MedScope, TruCode, AlgoM, Hospital Portal, Leap, Temtum, etc.

  • Revenue: $60.9 Million

  • Award & Recognition:

    • Clutch Global Leader for Spring 2024.

  • Website:

8. Cubix

Cubix Company logo

Cubix is a results-driven software product development company with an excellent track record of delivering 600+ projects since 2008. With an innovative approach, the company implements cutting-edge technologies and agile development methodologies to adapt to evolving business demands. Cubix’s proven track record of crafting successful projects has earned clients trust from various industries.

  • CEO: Salman Lakhani

  • Year Founded: 2008

  • Team Size: 201-500 employees

  • Headquarter: Florida

  • Services: Mobile App Development, Software Development, Game Development, Web Development, Blockchain Development, AI/ML Development, etc.

  • Tech Stacks: Angular.js, React.js, PHP, Java, Node.js, React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, MySQL, AWS, etc.

  • Top Clients: Politico, Wall Mart, Tissot, Sapient, etc.

  • Revenue: $11.8 Million

  • Award & Recognition:

    • RightFirms Top Mobile App Development Company 2023.

    • GoodFirms Top Android App Development Company.

  • Website:

9. Sigma Software

sigma-software Company logo

Ranked among the world's top outsourcing providers, Sigma Software has an excellent track record of creating value-driven software products. With a strong commitment to continuous improvement and a customer-centric approach, Sigma Software has earned the trust of leading brands like AstraZeneca, Aol, IGT, etc. As of 2023, the company has delivered software projects to 300+ clients, which positions them among the best software product development companies in USA.

  • Co-founder & CEO: Valery Krasovsky

  • Year Founded: 2002

  • Team Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

  • Headquarter: Kharkiv

  • Services: Software Product Development, App Development, Dedicated Team, DevOps Consulting, UI/UX Design, Machine Learning Development, etc.

  • Tech Stacks: Angular, PHP, Java, .NET, Python, Node JS C#, JavaScript, AWS, React Native, Flutter, etc.

  • Industries: Automotive, Aviation, Construction/Real Estate, Telecom, Blockchain, Finance and Banking, Information Technology, etc.

  • Top Clients: Siemens-healthineers, Esmia, Angel, TecAlliance, Ankorstore, IATA, AstraZeneca, etc.

  • Revenue: $86.4 Million

  • Award & Recognition:

    • The IOAP Global Outsourcing 100 .

    • Clutch Global Spring 2024.

  • Website:

10. Rootstack

Rootstack Company logo

Founded in 2011, Rootstack is a passionate team of designers, developers, and project managers offering full-cycle software product development that drives growth. With an aim to ensure the highest quality standards, Rootstack utilizes the best software testing tools and technologies and implements strict quality controls. The company has delivered more than 300 projects with a 96% client satisfaction rate.

  • CEO: Alejandro Oses

  • Year Founded: 2011

  • Team Size: 51-200 employees

  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas

  • Services: Software Product Development, Mobile development, Frontend Development, Backend Development, UI/UX Design, DevOps, Staff Augmentation, etc.

  • Tech Stacks: Angular, Python, Go, MuleSoft, Next.js, Swift, Iconic, Xamarin, etc.

  • Industries: Automotive, Banking and Finance, Education, Entertainment, Food and beverage, etc.

  • Top Clients: McCann, ImageX, LG, Achieve, Heineken, Hyundai, BAC, Canon, FCI etc.

  • Revenue: $15.9 Million

  • Award & Recognition:

    • DesignRush Top Web Design Companies 2022.

    • SelectFirms Top IT Services Company.

  • Website:

11. Intetics

Intetics Company logo

Intectics is a global software development company with offices across North America and Western Europe. From a humble beginning in 1995, the firm has evolved as an industry leader in building AI-powered innovative solutions. Intectics's in-depth experience in building innovative software products for diverse industries positions it among the best software product development companies in USA and worldwide.

  • President and CEO: Boris Kontsevoi

  • Year Founded: 1995

  • Team Size: 501-1,000 employees

  • Headquarters: Naples, FL

  • Services: Customer Software Development, Remote Team, AI/ML Solutions, Turnkey Software Product Engineering, Advanced Web System Development, etc.

  • Industries: Automotive and Manufacturing, Communications and Networks, Energy, Oil & Gas, Finance, Payments and POS, Healthcare, Retail, Ecommerce, etc.

  • Revenue: $15.9 Million

  • Website:

Serial No Company Name Year Founded Team Size
1 Mayura Consultancy Services 2015 11-50 employees
2 Waverly Software 1992 201-500 employees
3 SingleMind 2005 11-50 employees
4 RocketBuild 2014 11-50 employees
5 Intersog 2005 51-200 employees
6 Rikkeisoft 2012 1,001-5,000 employees
7 EffectiveSoft 2000 201-500 employees
8 Cubix 2008 201-500 employees
9 Sigma Software 2002 1,001-5,000 employees
10 Rootstack 2011 51-200 employees
11 Intetics 1995 501-1,000 employees

Looking for top companies to develop a software product?

Partner with Mayura Consultancy Services to build a world-class software product and achieve your business goal.

Wrapping Up

When developing a software product, you want to ensure it solves a specific business problem or brings more convenience to your customers. This means you cannot compromise on the quality. The job of a software product development company is not only writing codes but also ensuring enhanced efficiency, user satisfaction, and maximum return on the investment.

Mayura Consultancy Services has been one of the best software product development companies in USA. We have developed successful products for many leading companies from diverse industries. Collaborate with us to bring your idea into reality and achieve your business goals.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What development methodologies are commonly used by top software product development companies?

The top software product development companies in the USA use the best methodologies like Agile, DevOps, DevSecOps, Lean, and others.

2. How do I ensure data security and compliance while building a software product for my business?

To ensure data security and comply with the data regulation laws, you should implement the best security measures, like zero-trust security, encryption, and authentication, during the software development.

3. Does MCS offer support and maintenance services after development?

Yes, MCS provides complete support and maintenance after deployment that includes timely updates and the latest security patches to ensure your software product remains in optimized condition.

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