SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services by Mayura Consultancy

SEO or Search engine optimization is the process or way to work on the particular website and out of that particular website to make that Search engine friendly website to get higher visibility in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bind.

Services those include these activities are called SEO services or in other words, we can say to work on a various type of activities through we get the best visibility in the search engine is called SEO services.

Mayura Consultancy provides the best SEO services across the globe and that help  not only show a website in a search engine but also get organic traffic for the particular website and also make the brand popular and that help increase the business by many folds.

What all are included in SEO services provided by Mayura Consultancy?

    • On Page SEO

    • Off page SEO

    • Technical SEO

    • Content Promotion

How to choose the Best SEO services?

This is really not easy to choose the best SEO services for your brand to get the highest visibility in any search engine. You need to ask some question to SEO provider company such as Mayura Consultancy  before hiring any company such as

  • How long the company has been providing SEO services?
  • How many projects the SEO company has served successfully so far?
  • Ask the company to show customer’s review and ratings.
  • Ask the company to show their best work
  • Ask the company if they have any experience working on the project similar to you.
  • What are the customer’s support and communication type?

Why Mayura Consultancy is the Best SEO Company?

Mayura Consultancy provides SEO services across the globe and known as the best SEO company. Mayura has served multiple SEO clients already with best SEO results. Mayura consultancy has a team of highly experienced and skilled SEO experts who work hard and smart to rank the websites on the first page of Google search engine.

SEO Consultancy

Mayura Consultancy is known as the top SEO consultancy on the basis of best SEO services.

Link Building

Link building is the process of linking any two or more than two web pages to get a link bank.

Social Media Promotion

Working on various social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more to promote any brand online.

Penalty Recovery

The process of recovering any website from search engine penalty so that website can perform well again in the search engine.

On Page SEO: In this part SEO activities are performed on the website. Every web page is optimized for search engine and users so that the website can perform well and get the best visibility in the search engine to increase the business. Various activities are included in ON-PAGE SEO such as metadata optimization, page content optimization, heading tag, images, Alt tag, keywords placement, duplicate content, page load speed, call to action buttons, user-friendly navigation, interlinking etc.

Off Page SEO: In this part, all activities are performed outside of website for which we are working to get ranking in Search Engine. In off page SEO we basically work on other related websites and get the backlinks to increase the ranking. In this part we work on activities such as content promotion, web 2.0 creation and promotion, guest blog posting, Article submission, question and answer posting, forum posting, pdf and ppt submission, web directory submission etc.

Recent Case Studys

You can check recent work done by Mayura Consultancy Services.

Affordable Services Packages by Mayura Consultancy

Mayur Consultancy has designed affordable SEO packages that can be bought for small level business to a large level. Mayura SEO packages are reliable and designed for all business.

$ 100 USD /Month
  • Website Analysis
  • 5 Target keywords
  • Weekly SEO Status Report
$ 150 USD /Month
  • Website Analysis
  • 15 Target keywords
  • Weekly SEO Status Report
$ 200 USD /Month
  • Website Analysis + 20 Target Keywords
  • Back Link creations
  • Weekly SEO Status Report