Hybrid App Development

The target market for your dream application is huge. Bridge your smartphone design & development Gap with PhoneGap or Hybrid Application Development. With the market segregated with the loyal users of iOs, Android and Windows, it can be quite difficult to decide which market to target and which to leave. Writing native Apps for all of them can be an expensive and a time consuming process. This gap has now been bridged by PhoneGap.

PhoneGap is a great framework to create cross-platform mobile apps by using standards-based web technologies like Java, CSS3 and HTML5. This is a great way to bridge your market gap and reach to millions of users around the globe using an array of mobile devices.

Some of the Android App Developments we do for

1. Enterprise application

2. Lifestyle, Education and Health

3. Books and Reference

4. Entertainment, Personalisation and more

What is Phonegap Application?

Phone is an framework and are used to develop mobile application. To develop Phonegap  application developers just need to have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

What is ionic application?


Ionic is an open source front end SDK and are used to develop mobile applications specially hybrid mobile applications. Do develop hybrid applications using this technology a mobile add developer must know HTML,CSS and Javascript.

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